Why do hunting dogs tend to have floppy ears?

Why do hunting dogs tend to have floppy ears

The well-known fact is that most hunting dogs have floppy ears. Why do hunting dogs tend to have floppy ears? Hunting dogs have a sharpened sense, and one of them that stands out is their hearing sense.

They help the hunter in various hunting terrains, often overgrown with bushes and low vegetation. In this way, the special shape of the dog’s ear allows the dog to move smoothly through these terrains.

The dog has an amazing sense of hearing and the shape of the ear allows it to be elastic and at the same time to easily hear the sounds around it.

The difference between human and dog ear

Why do hunting dogs tend to have floppy ears?

It is well known that dogs hear sounds beyond the reach of human hearing. How good is a dog’s hearing, and why do their ears differ from ours?

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One of the main differences between hearing in dogs and humans is that dogs can move ears to catch the sound, and people can not.

People rely more on judging their eyes than on their hearing, while dogs do the opposite. In the dog’s eyes, the vision is not well developed, the sense of smell is the most developed, and the hearing sense comes right behind him.

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Dogs can move ears to catch the sound coming from different directions, and they can move each ear specifically to create a better sound image and determine the source of the sound.

People cannot move ears, and they can not even locate where the sound comes from if they do not hear it from both ears at the same time.

When the low-frequency sound is concerned, dogs and people hear the same thing. But when it comes to high-frequency sounds, dogs are far ahead of people.

People hear a sound range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, while dogs consume 40 Hz to 60 kHz.

Also, dogs whose ears stand upright have much better hearing than dogs with lowered ears.

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Thanks to the ability to move the ears of dogs, they create the perfect sound image of the world surrounding them.

Depending on the position of the ear, dogs constantly receive sounds that are close to them, but they are also distant, without being aware that they do it. Because of this, dogs can spot a potential threat and react in time.

A sense of hearing and balance

Ears and hearing help dogs in maintaining balance. It’s similar to people. That’s why we feel disoriented when we get an ear infection or a cold.

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Dog ears signal the mood. Moving the ears show their reaction to a particular situation. A dog who is alert will usually have ears raised, while the dog who is afraid to have ears lowered.

Dogs hear much more and much better than people, which has their advantages and disadvantages. For example, when you train a dog, you can use a special silent whistle that the dog can hear, but people can not.

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Do not forget that your dog can hear other sounds that people can not. If your neighbor uses an insect ultrasonic device in your backyard, your dog will hear that sound constantly, even if you are not aware of it.

Likewise, high sounds or loud machines will disturb your dog. So when he escapes from the vacuum cleaner, this does not have to be because he is scared, but precisely because the noise is too much for their ears.

Certain types of dogs have Upright ears such as German Shepherds.

Another type of dog, such as the German Shorthaired Pointers, has large, thin and discreet ears. There are indications that this is the genetic breeding of these types of dogs. These ears have their purpose in specific situations (hunting or keeping a house).

Floppy ears and homegrown

Bloodhounds types of dogs have extremely long ears that dragged on the ground when these dogs smell traces. In this way, the range of fragrance collection is much greater than, for example, that their ears may be shorter.

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One theory suggests that dogs developed floppy ears for the reason of dog making. The floppy ears are characteristic of young dogs, and young dogs are always more attached to their owners than older dogs.

A well-known Farm Fox experiment in which foxes chose to be homemade developed floppy ears among other changes.

Here are some types of dogs with Floppy Ears

1. Beagle

weimaraner dogs

The breed originated in the 16th century and was used by English hunters as hunting dogs. They served for hunting rabbits, pheasants, quails and other small animals.

Beagle served as a hunter in the pursuit of wildlife. They have an extremely good snuff. Beagle is today a predominantly ideal house dog. These dogs have large ears that help them to hear better and pick up scents from the ground better.

2. Basset Hound

weimaraner dogs

Charming short-nosed Baset used to be an excellent hound of rabbits and small animals, and today it is a family dog. Only the owners of this race know how fun and relaxing they have this type of dog as a pet.

The most common health problem that occurs in this breed is inflammation of the ear. Long ears do not allow the practitioner to circulate so an infection can occur. Their ears are often dragged on the ground, falling into food or water, and it is, therefore, necessary that the owner regularly maintains ears that must be dry and clean.

3. Black and Tan Coonhound

weimaraner dog puppy

This breed of dogs originated in the early twentieth century in the USA. They are very good at hunting raccoons and possums. They have a very good temperament and love socializing with people.

4. Bloodhound

weimaraner hunting dog

It belongs to one of the oldest types of hunting dogs. Extremely prominent flair makes it the best hunter of hunting dogs. This dog is massive and strong, expands with a slow and imposing step.

The head, very characteristic of this race, is narrow in comparison with the length and long in relation to the body, and long ears and relaxed skin that hangs in numerous combinations and phalates give this dog a melancholy and imaginary appearance.

5. English Cocker Spaniel

weimaraner dogs

The English Cocker Spaniel was officially recognized as an original breed until about 1900. Cheerful and gentle, this sensitive dog must be trained very carefully. He is fiery, persistent, very durable and brave, has a very developed sense of smell and has greatly proved himself in hunting in swamps and forests.

When he sees wild animals, he only marks a few seconds, then begins to “grab” his teeth. Because of its smaller dimensions, it is well-suited for spruce and thorns.

6. Setters

weimaraner breed dog

The Irish Setter is an athletic building, a stylish, real, pure-bred dog, searching for savage galloping, high-pitched heads. For this reason, it is primarily suitable for hunting in the plain, but it is equally pleasant in the wetlands.

He is a cordial and sensitive dog, whose training is not always easy. This must be borne in mind especially if it is intended to be a dog for society. Finally, he needs physical activity. The Irish Setter is a noble dog of sporty appearance that has an oval skull with a clearly pronounced spine and long, at the top of a nearly square snout.

7. Afghan Hound

Why do hunting dogs tend to have floppy ears

The ears are covered with long, silky hair, low-pitched and harmoniously lowered. A long and powerful neck rises high. The Afghan hound is a long dog with flat and muscular back, real and strong chest.

The forelegs are genuine, while the shoulders are well-formed. The latter is strong with very swollen hocks. The tail is not too long, it has a little hair and ends ring.

8. Weimaraner

Why do hunting dogs tend to have floppy ears

History of Weimaraner dogs

It is an excellent trail, useful for finding the affected wildlife. The present name originated in the last third of the XIX century. The breed was given to him by the great prince Karl August Weimar (1757-1828), who hunted with short-haired, bright dogs, possible and gray.
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The first society for the cultivation of pure-blooded shrimps of Weimaraners of silver-gray was founded in 1897. It is conducive, has a highly developed hunting drive, is temperate, and suitable for family life.

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