Are Weimaraners hunting dogs?

Are Weimaraners hunting dogs?

The dog they call the gray spirit of the dog world has become famous for the fur that is very smooth and brilliant. At the same time, their color of fur has a special shade of gray, which makes them even more distinguished from other breeds of dogs. It is resistant to all weather conditions, fast, skillful and therefore often used in hunting. This dog has many great features and is used for many activities. Are Weimaraners hunting dogs?

Weimaraners are high-value hunting dogs. Special breeding and cross-breeding create a top hunting dog that shows its full value in hunting areas around the world.

A brief history of Weimaraners

Castle Belvedere Weimar
Castle Belvedere Weimar, Germany

The gray spirit of the dog world originated in the 19th century in Germany. Fanciers wanted to create a race that, in addition to a small game, could hunt a big game like a bear.

As their creation and development were sponsored by the Weimar Palace, it was decided that this breed of dogs would be named Weimar. It is unclear to anyone how the dogs got a distinctly gray color according to which they became characteristic.

Dogs that were selected in the process of the crossing were gray and tinted colors. This race was originally used for hunting later began to be used in dog shows, then as working dogs and later as pets.

Height, weight and other characteristics of the breed

Are Weimaraners hunting dogs?
Dianas Argentum Inka – Chasseur D’argent FCI 100/16 – Weimaraner from Veliko Gradište, Serbia

Weimar dog is known as the Weimaraner, the silver spirit and Weim belong to the family of bird dogs.

According to the FCI classification:

  • These are continental bird dogs with a working test with an average lifespan of 10 to 13 years.
  • Length of the body to the height at withers approximately 12: 11.
  • While the females are slightly lower and their height is from 57 to 65 cm.
  • The weight of males ranges from 30 to 40 kilograms
  • The weight of the females ranges from 25 to 35 kilograms

Physical characteristics of the dog

  • Medium to large dog that is built extremely proportional and elegant.
  • At first glance, it can be seen that it is powerful, and its aristocratic holding is visible at first glance
  • The head is somewhat wider in males, it is extremely proportional to the rest of the body with an unspecified rate.
  • Nose mushroom is large and dark in color, the lips are medium in size, the faces are clearly expressed, and the jaw is very strong with strong teeth.
  • Ears are very wide and long high
  • The neck is muscular and harmonious
  • The back is firm and muscular
  • Breasts are strong and deep
  • Legs are parallel, muscular and long
  • The tail is strong and hanged

Characteristics and nature of Weimaraners

Silver Spirit is a very versatile dog that has a solid nature. This is a hunting dog that has durability, speed, and great flair. He’s a good guard, and he’s as good as a pet.

He is sociable, loyal to the owner and patient with little children. It does not show signs of aggression against people. It is sensitive and does not like ignore or aggression by the owner. He is intelligent and can be problematic if he does not train properly.

Dogs that bark a lot

Although it is being used more often today as a pet, you should always keep in mind that this is a hunting dog. The dog was created and raised to be a hunting dog. No training, or punishment, will be able to suppress their desire to bark.

If you do not like the noise this dog breed is not for you. Barking is a natural addition to their character, so it will bark so when they are sad, happy, excited, hungry, shining …

Two types of Weimaraner: Short-haired and long-haired

We distinguish two types of Weimaraner: short-haired and long-haired dogs.

Short-haired is characterized by extremely short hair that is very dense and strong. They mostly do not have or have very little undercoats.

Long-haired are characterized by a very soft and long cover, and they also do not have to undercoat. Their hair is straight with mild waves.

The so-called pants can be formed from the hair, and longer hair will be on the stomach, ears, and bottom of the neck, while the head will be somewhat shorter. There are also so-called mixed bird dogs that have medium long and dense hair all over the body. In them, the hair on the legs will be more pronounced than, for example, in the case of long-haired ones.

The colors of the Weimar dog

Weimaraners in the field
Field training in Chasseur D’argent kennel and lot of power in filed

It is already clear that this dog appears in its specific silvery gray color. He can have a gray head or a gray with a red glare. As a rule, the head is slightly lighter and may have white markings on the chest and fingers. They can have red and yellow flames. Any signs of brown color are not allowed on the dog.

All you need to know about the care and maintenance of this breed

Since these hunting dogs require physical activity, they will be reflected in strengthening exercises. They are not suitable for life in the city, nor can their needs be satisfied by walking on a leash.

Made for these dogs is to live in a flat or home with the owner, but have access to the yard. They have moderate climatic conditions, and short-haired specimens in the cold nights should be in the house.

Hair care is minimal and it means brushing once or twice a week. Of course, those specimens for the exhibition need to be given much more attention.

Diseases of a Weimar dog

It is recommended that you conduct this dog twice a year with a veterinarian to test hips, eyes, and blood that are susceptible to illness.

The more common diseases are the gastric torso, spinal dysphagia, and entropy. They rarely suffer from coronary artery disease, distхиiasis, von Vilebrand’s disease, hypertrophic osteodystrophy, hemophilia A, and the third eyelid.

Training and mating

They are easy to train and even if you want to use it for hunting. Because of the innate instinct and great sniff, it will be perfect hunters, and it is not uncommon for the owner to bring in more caught animals. They do not like aggression, they are sensitive and during training, you should not use the punishment method nor combine it with other training methods.

Where to train hunting dogs

When preparing a mating dog, you should think carefully, first of all, whether you want to use the puppy for hunting, exhibiting or as a pet. As there are more types of Weimar dogs, it is best to consult with an expert to make sure that you choose a puppy of the desired quality.


It is very important to provide your dog with quality and balanced nutrition. With a diet, you will prolong the dog’s life for up to two years.

With his age, the necessary nutrients will also change, so he needs to monitor and change his diet. Since they have healthy teeth intended for hunting and killing and tearing wild game meat, it is not advisable to feed them only with industrial food.

It is mandatory to bring in raw foods and raw meat and bones. Feel free to include meat, milk, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

You need to know that each dog has different needs for the same nutritional ingredients and it is your responsibility to evaluate what is most needed by your dog and in what quantities you will give it.

On the Internet, you can find various tips on how to prepare food for your dog, and which relationship you need to combine with industrial food.

Where to buy a puppy and how much it costs

Chasseur D'argent kennel puppies
Chasseur D’argent kennel puppies

Again, it is important to point out that the price per puppy will depend on whether it has the origins of excellent hunters, show dogs or ordinary pets.

The price will also depend on the type of Weimar dog, and it is important that you ask yourself a good question about a kennel from which you buy a puppy because the dogs of this breed are quite expensive. It is estimated that the minimum amount of money required for a quality puppy is about $ 500.

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  1. How old Should a Weim be To exercise with other dogs is it harmful if they over exercise with them?

    1. I had a Weim and a GSP, the Weim was tireless, the GSP would stop and sit out after a couple hours of swimming/running/hiking. The Weim was NEVER not game for activity. GSP would go off on her own to lay down, Weim was with myself or my wife always. Weim started to look for less activity when she was 9 yrs, very active until then. great companions.

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