10 Tips to Help Your Dog Live Longer

10 Tips to Help Your Dog Live Longer

With today’s knowledge, we can extend the life span of dogs. How? Here are 10 Tips to Help Your Dog Live Longer, and it shows you a list of the most basic actions that make dogs live happier.

Do you own a long-lived or short-lived dog breed?

According to research:

– dogs live on average 10 – 13 years,
– dogs that live the longest live 13 – 16 years,
– dogs that live the shortest live 7-9 years.

So not all types of dogs live the same and depending on the breed you own, you can see from the previous lists what the average lifespan of your breed is.

Let’s look now at how to make a dog live longer than average life expectancy.

10 Tips to Help Your Dog Live Longer

With the development of medicine and various scientific researches being conducted nowadays, the lifespan of humans and animals has increased significantly.

Also, the lifespan of dogs is no exception.

In addition to good tips that can extend the life of dogs, there are also new revolutionary products designed for dog longevity.

Top 10 things that extend the life of dogs:

10. Physical activity of the dog

Physical stimulation is one of the basic prerequisites for health, good behavior, but also the longevity of dogs. Why?

Physical stimulation:

– helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system in dogs,
– helps maintain a healthy body weight of dogs,
– improves mood,
– reduces stress, etc.

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So physical stimulation is absolutely necessary in all breeds of dogs. Yet owners are aware of the importance of physical stimulation and rarely ignore it.

That is why it is on the 10th place in the list, although it is one of the most important factors for longevity.

9. Prevention Of Fleas, Earthworms, And Ticks

Prevention of fleas, worms, and ticks is extremely important because these parasites can cause serious problems for dogs and thus reduce their short life.

While fleas are mostly irritating and cause allergies, and worms vomit and cough, ticks are in some cases more dangerous and their presence can even be fatal for a dog.

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Signs you should not ignore are:

– loss of appetite,
– cough,
– swelling of the legs and joints,
– seizures,
– renal failure.

In these cases, it is necessary to take the dog to the vet as soon as possible.

How to remove a tick from your dog

8. Regular visits to the vet

Many dog owners go to the vet only when the dog is sick and when they need medical attention.

Prevention is greatly neglected in this case.

It is also sometimes understandable that owners do not go for preventive examinations with dogs in smaller places, where veterinary clinics are less equipped.

14 most common diseases in Weims and how to treat them

However, in urban areas, veterinary clinics are often extremely well equipped and provide the possibility of various tests that can detect diseases in the early stages and adequately treat them in a timely manner.

Of course, if you have a good vet you can consult with him about weight, diet, and optimal development of dogs.

So if you have the opportunity, do not neglect preventive examinations of dogs.

7. Happy Dog Life

Dogs that have a happier life tend to live longer. While this is very likely known to everyone, lesser-known are the procedures that make dogs happier.

Some of the tips are:

– take the dog to hang out with other dogs,
– reward the dog and pet him more often,
– react to non-verbal signs that your dog shows you.

6. Watch Your Dog’s Body Weight

Although overweight dogs are sometimes cute, they are not healthy.

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If you want a dog that will be with you and your family for a long time then by no means allow the dog to become obese. The threatened dog is unhealthy and usually does not live long.


Obesity in dogs leads to:

– diseases of bones and joints,
– heart problems
– diabetes,
– tumor formation.

Obesity in dogs and how to treat it

So be sure to see if your breed is prone to obesity, and watch your food type and the number of calories your dog ingests throughout the day.

5. Help the Dog Get Rid of Stress

Our dogs are often under stress without us even being bent over it. Some situations that seem banal to us are extremely stressful to them.

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Signs that a dog is under stress are:

– the dog has a bent tail and withdrawn ears,
– white eyes and the dog often blinks,
– excessive molting,
– digestive problems,
– the dog trembles.

So now you know what the signs are that a dog is under stress, but how can you help him?

How to help a dog get rid of stress?

There are 6 techniques that reduce stress in dogs. While some are conventional like making a safe zone, eliminating triggers, and playing with the dog, there are also lesser-known ones like playing music for dogs and controlling the dog with triggers.

Which technique to apply depends on the source of stress.

4. Nutritional Supplements

In addition to dietary supplements that can supplement a dog’s diet to meet the nutritional needs of dogs, they can also serve as a prevention and a cure.

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If your dog is more prone to tumors, a dietary supplement in the form of omega 3 capsules with antioxidants can be great prevention.

Now follow the top 3 things that extend the life of dogs, and owners neglect them.


3. Dental Hygiene of Dogs

Many dog owners are unaware or simply forget about the importance of dental hygiene in dogs. Dogs need to keep their teeth clean because that is how we prevent various diseases.

Which ones?

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Poor dental hygiene leads to diseases such as:

– gum disease,
– gingivitis,
– bacterial infections of the mouth, etc.

The good thing is that maintaining dental hygiene in dogs is extremely simple. In addition to brushing, you can provide dogs with toys and chewable treats.

So by no means neglect dental hygiene in dogs.

2. Mental Training

Just as physical stimulation is important, so is mental stimulation in dogs.

We recommend this great book with great games that will mentally stimulate your dog Brain Games for Dogs

Dogs are smart animals that want to work and think. The most important mental stimulation is dog training. Why?

You can train any dog regardless of its level:

– hyperactivity,
– stubbornness,
– intelligence.

Many owners are afraid to harass their pets with dog training. Is dressage bullying?

No way!

Dogs love to spend time with the owner, be productive, have a purpose, and of course love treats.

So training is useful for dogs, but also for you. You will establish a special relationship with your dog to your mutual satisfaction.

In addition to training, you can give some work to dogs.


Shepherds like to keep a flock, but in addition to keeping a flock of dogs, you can assign various tasks such as:

– yard guarding,
– delivery of mail,
– tidying up toys
– adoption of newspapers,
– going to the store, etc.

So give purpose to your dogs and they will be happier, healthier, and live longer.

1. Dog Food

The most basic prerequisite for the health and longevity of dogs is food.

As with humans, certain foods contain foods that are by no means acceptable to dogs.

Of the hidden bad foods, I would single out:

– poor preservatives,
– artificial dyes
– white flour,
– maize,
– soy.

How to feed Weimaraner correctly

I also recommend choosing:

– The best dog food
– The most cost-effective dog food

While the best dog food is expensive and quality, the most cost-effective food provides a good balance between quality, quantity, and price, and I definitely recommend it.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The Secret to Dog Longevity – How to Increase Dog Life?

So we can say that there is a secret to the longevity of dogs. Yet these are things that every owner should know and practice with their dogs.

Can dog aging be avoided?

As with humans, aging is a natural process and for now, we cannot avoid aging dogs. However, our actions can contribute to the health of the dog’s body.

Health and a good life are a prerequisite for the longevity of dogs.

Most proceedings relate to:

– food,
– exercise,
– hygiene,
– prevention.

These procedures should be followed by all dog owners. The following is a brief overview of the top 10 things that prolong the life of dogs, and owners neglect them.

How to increase the life expectancy of dogs?

– Dog food.
– Mental training.
– Dental hygiene of dogs.
– Dietary supplements.
– Help the dog get rid of stress.
– Watch your dog’s body weight.
– Happy dog life.
– Regular preventive examinations.
– Prevention of fleas, worms, and ticks.
– Coaching.

Each breed of dog has its own lifespan and no miracles should be expected.

Yet the secrets of dog longevity can help you push this limit by a few years and allow your best friend to live a few years longer.


After reviewing the list, we review the top 10 things that prolong the life of dogs, and owners ignore them, we can conclude that certain procedures prolong the life of dogs.

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