Why Does My Weimaraner Follow Me Everywhere?

Why Does My Weimaraner Follow Me Everywhere

Why Does My Weimaraner Follow Me Everywhere? The answer to this question is because your dog wants to be in your company and near you.

Too often it happens that your Weimaraner accompanies you around the house. If you go to the bathroom he goes after you, you go to the bedroom he is next to you again. Wherever you are, the dog does not separate from you.

We love our dog, he is probably our best friend but still, this kind of behavior can be too stressful and in some situations unreasonable.

What is the reason why Weimaraner follows me everywhere I go?

As we have already written, the reason why your Weimaraner is always by your side is that he wants to be in your company.

Weimaraners are “burdock dogs” that are gentle, clingy, and demanding attention. They can follow you and if they want something from you, they are jealous or just want to be with you.

The most common 4 reasons why you are followed by Weimaraner

In the following part of the article, we will list some of the most common reasons why Weimaraner follows you everywhere:

It is in the nature of a dog to follow its master

The Weimaraner breed in its nature has this characteristic of following its owner. He will always be there, close enough to be with you everywhere.

The Weimaraner breed can be categorized as a hunting breed but it enjoys the company of its owner and seeks his attention.

The characteristic of hunting with this breed is that the dog must be in constant contact with its owner who hunts. Among them are the signals they have built and the commands the dog has learned.

By working together and communicating between the hunter and the dog, a successful hunt is performed.

Some fans of this breed often refer to it as burdock dogs.

Nervousness can often be noticed and dogs become anxious when they do not receive the appropriate dose of attention and affection from their owners and family members.

Anxiety about separation from the owner may occur in the Weimaraner breed

Anxiety about separation from the owner is one of the behavioral disorders in the Weimaraner breed. This anxiety can occur in any breed.

Regardless of the fact that it is a hunting breed, it can often be noticed in Weimaraner’s puppies that they suffer from anxiety and restlessness if they are left alone.

If the anxiety of separation is not brought under control, the dog can behave strangely by biting furniture, scratching the door of the home, he will always bark loudly when left alone.

Because of all this, the dog will always look for your company and will be unhappy if you leave him.

Jealousy can occur in the Weimaraner breed

Although it seems like an abstract term, dogs can also be jealous. The dog will follow you wherever you go because it does not want to share you with other people and animals.

You will notice this phenomenon best if you have a best friend who comes to your home or you are married.

It has been noticed in married couples that they do not have privacy because the dog is always in their presence and they refuse to separate from them.

Weimaraner wants something from you

It is possible that Weimaraner wants something from you and therefore constantly follows you. If you notice this behavior, try to follow your dog to get you where he wants to go.

In most cases, the dog will follow you if he needs something or wants something from you.

It can usually be food or dessert. Sometimes a dog will follow you to ask you to take him outside to defecate.

A dog can also follow you if he has an illness or feels pain. Then he may follow you for fear of strange sounds or a new environment.

Is it normal for Weimaraner to follow you everywhere?

The Weimaraner breed is very attached to its owner. The dog will want to spend every moment next to its owner and in his company.

But it can happen that the dog develops the habit of being in the company of its owner.

If the dog lives in the house, it can often be noticed that the dog is sitting in the owner’s lap, constantly looking for attention and cuddling, sleeping in the beds of their owners.

Some of the owners claim that when they return home after a hard day’s work, their dogs do not give them peace and personal space. They do not separate from them even when they go to the bathrooms.

What should it mean when Weimaraner follows you everywhere?

As we have already written, if a dog follows you everywhere, it means that it wants to be in your company.

One of the greatest characteristics of the Weimaraner breed is the attachment to the owner

This breed simply adores its owner, and loves to show him but also to receive affection.

How to prevent your Weimaraner dog from following you everywhere?

Here are some practical tips on how you can prevent your dog from following you everywhere:

Start training your puppy very early

You have a problem that the dog is following you, the best way to prevent this problem is before it has arisen and developed. Start training your puppy while he is still young.

The dog gets used to sleeping in his bed, in his sleeping place. This way you will make the dog from an early age to be independent and you do not always have to be in their presence.

Teach them the “Stay” and “Stop” commands. This will help the dog learn the limits of how far he can go and where he should stop following you.

Always reward the dog when he obeys the command. This will be understood by the dog as the desired behavior, what is required of him. Be gentle in training, don’t yell at the dog, and be rude to him.

The dog must have physical activity every day

Weimaraners must be physically active during the day. He must have physical activity through games and exercises, and walks are also recommended.

Through all physical activities, the dog will have enough attention and will be in great condition.

Incorporating mental stimulation games and his toys will work well for your dog.

Involve the vet in the whole process

Sometimes Weimaraner can develop a phobia and will therefore always follow you. He simply feels comfortable and safe, it is his comfort zone in which he feels protected.

If you suspect that your dog has contracted a disease, or shows some sudden changes in behavior, you should call a veterinarian and talk about these phenomena with him.

Does my Weimaraner want to protect me?

Protective instincts are implanted in your dog’s genes and he will be very protective of you.

This breed is a great pet and will be a great friend and guardian of your home.

Weimaraner has sharpened senses, so he will easily sense when a person he does not know approaches your home.

Loud barking, which is also his characteristic, will inform you that someone is approaching home.

What does that mean if your dog looks at you for a long time?

If your dog looks at you for a long time, it is a sign that he adores you and loves you a lot.

This is similar to human behavior when you see a person you love you will look at them for a long time.

Research has shown that if you make contact with your puppy’s eyes, it creates a strong connection with you and releases the dog from stress hormones.

In this way, trust and understanding are built between the dog and its owner.


As a brief summary of this whole article, we can conclude that this behavior of your Weimaraner is very common.

The dog in this way shows affection and love for you and enjoys your company.

However, if this behavior becomes too aggressive, then it is time to control it, and the best way to do that is to train the dog.

The dog must learn where the limits he can go and which we must not cross are.

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