Why Do Weimaraners Wink?

Why Do Weimaraners Wink

Why Do Weimaraners Wink? One of the things your Weimaraner can do as well as you are wink. The dog has the ability to wink as do humans.

Some owners go so far as to try to explain this in a way that the dog is trying to communicate with them and that the Weimaraner wants to tell them something by winking.

This is certainly far from the truth and there is a reasonable explanation for why Weimaraner winks.

Why Do Weimaraners Wink, what’s that supposed to mean?

The first question you actually asked yourself is, does that dog want to communicate with me? Or maybe it’s just a habit in a dog with no deeper meaning?

In the following part, we will give you an answer as to why Weimaraner winks and what his winking means.

Why does Weimaraner seem to wink for some reason?

The first thought that comes to mind is that your Weimaraner is a special dog, that he knows how to communicate with you, but that is not the case.

Many other dog owners of different breeds have noticed this phenomenon in their dogs.

The dog will wink as a sign of expression of happiness or in the opposite sense as obedience to some danger

In some special cases, the dog will even be able to imitate the behavior of its owner.

Just as we gesture to communicate with our dog, so the dog develops certain types of gestures by which he tries to communicate with us.

Excessive winking may even indicate the presence of eye disease or an eye infection.

If you suspect this, take the dog to a veterinarian who will examine it in detail and give you his expert opinion on the specific problem.

Sometimes winking is just a way for your dog to break eye contact

The dog develops some spontaneous behaviors while living in the home.

If the dog wants to go outside, he will jump on the door. If he wants to cuddle with you he will approach you and rest his head on your leg.

Behavioral disorders in dogs

When winking, if the dog looks away from you, it is a sign of obedience.

This happens in the case when you stare into your dog’s eyes for a long time, the dog will stop looking with his eyes, he will look down before you look back at him.

Can Weimaraner imitate what I do?

It will most often happen that dog owners do not notice that their dogs imitate their actions or their behavior. It usually starts with small things and later this imitation develops.

This can be seen in the example when you sit in front of the TV and your dog sits next to you. Or when you go for a run then your dog is waiting for you to run so he can run in front of you too.

A dog can also develop some imitations, such as winking if you make a habit of winking.

If the dog is good at imitating it makes him suitable for training. Such a dog enjoys training and easily learns things and enjoys the whole process of training.

I really enjoy it when I see my Weimaraner wink

Winking is the most commonly learned behavior. Winking is harmless and should not be associated with certain health problems.

If you want you can teach your Weimaraner to wink. The dog will enjoy the process of learning this habit, he will try to please you.

There are effective techniques that will help you shape your dog’s behavior, for example, to teach him to wink, but also various other tricks and behaviors.

Target Behavior Technique

First, you need to determine what targeted behavior you want to instill in your dog.

In this case, it’s a wink. You need to know what it looks like when the dog winks. When you see this, then you will know how to make the dog wink.

It is very important that when you first see your dog winking at you, reward him with traits and give him words of praise.

This will be a clear message to the dog that you like it when he winks and he will do his best to please you.

How to socialize a dog?

Consecutive approximation technique

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step. In order for your dog to develop a certain behavior, you need to develop successive approximations, which are in fact small steps towards achieving the desired behavior.

Don’t try to teach the dog everything at once, through one big step, because you will only confuse the dog, he will not understand you.

When the dog successfully completes one of these small steps, try to reward him and give him a word of praise.

In this way, in small steps, you will make improvements every time and always in the desired direction, which is to achieve the desired behavior.

Differential gain technique

When your dog learns that every time he repeats the right thing, he will be rewarded, and this will develop a conditioned reflex in the dog for the specific action requested by him, and in this case, it is blinking with one eye.

Once the dog understands what is required of him, he will start doing this more intensively.

You need to follow the correct steps that will cause your dog to start winking.

If the dog skips any of the steps and gets confused, one should take a step back and do the required step or form another step more to get the required behavior by the dog.

What if my Weimaraner winks too much?

Winking is not a dangerous behavior of a dog but still, in certain situations, it can be related to certain medical conditions.

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One of such conditions is a genetic condition – Entropion.

When a dog’s eyelids turn backward, it causes painful eye irritation. If this condition is not treated in time, it can lead to a corneal ulcer, and in the worst case, it can lead to blindness.


To summarize, winking is the harmless behavior of your Weimaraner. However, it may be related to a medical genetic condition called Entropion.

If you want your dog to start winking at you, you can develop this behavior with the help of various techniques that can instill in him and teach him this habit.

Winking at dogs is perfectly harmless unless it is related to an illness.

So the next time you notice your dog winking at you, just enjoy.

If your dog doesn’t wink but would like to start, there are behavioral practices you can use to instill the habit in him.

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