What is the best food to feed my dog

What is the best food to feed my dog

Do you want to preserve your dog’s health and enable him to live a longer and happier life? What is the best food to feed my dog? Discover 6 dog food reviewer’s tips on how to choose the best dog food.

One can often hear dog owners stating how difficult it is to choose the best dog food when they see all these food brands in stores. What is the best food to feed my dog?

So there are many factors that depend on choosing the best dog food, but choosing it doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you follow the tips I will give you in this article.

6 tips from dog food reviewers on how to choose the best dog food.

What foods are good and bad for dog food?
What are the good and bad food preservatives?
What type of food is best for dogs?
What are the nutritional requirements of dog food?

If you follow the tips I will reveal to you then your next visit to the dog food stores will be much more enjoyable.

So let’s take a look at 6 basic tips on how to choose the best dog food?

How to Choose the Best Dog Food?

I am a dog food reviewer. I specialize in dogfood testing, so I can recommend foods that will preserve:

– Your dog’s health
– and prolong its lifespan.

Over the many years spent researching dog food, I have encountered many mistakes that dog owners make.

To prevent the most common mistakes, and to preserve the health of your dog and prolong his life, take a look at the tips below.

What are 6 tips for dog food reviewers on how to choose the best dog food?

Tip 1: Pay attention to the ingredients of dog food.
Tip 2: See the list of food preservatives.
Tip 3: Percentage of foods in food composition.
Tip 4: Characteristics of each pet.
Tip 5: Pay attention to the technology and quality of food production.
Tip 6: Be careful when choosing brands that produce dog food.

Pa krenimo s prvim savjetom za odabir najbolje hrane za pse.

Tip 1: Pay Attention to Dog Food Ingredients

Most important of all is to pay attention to the ingredients of the dog food. The best food contains natural ingredients.

Meat should be listed first.

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After meat can come rice and vegetables. I am completely against dog food which, instead of natural meat of known origin, contains:

– The meat of unknown origin (often meat not for human consumption).
– Meat obtained from meat by-products (parts of animals are not fit for human consumption).

We recommend Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food which contains a high percentage of meat.

Stay away from dog foods that contain meat like this.

It is about:

– lower quality food,
– foods with lower nutritional value,
– dog food with bad taste.

Regardless of the breed of dog to which the dog belongs, the most important thing is to get an excellent or high-quality source of protein in the food, and that is why it is important that quality meat comes first.

Many dog owners have asked me a question:

What if corn, wheat, or soy are on the list of dog food ingredients?

If corn or wheat is on the dog food list, it is first necessary to determine if the dog is allergic to them.

The fact is that corn is one of the main causes:

– allergic reactions
– diabetes

These ingredients can be a good source of protein and nutrients.

If you need canned food, we recommend the product Purina Beyond Wet Dog Food, which your dog will adore.

However, even in this category, there are worse sources than meat, so these are certainly cheaper and lower-quality products.

The only reason to use corn in dog products is the low price.

I am against dog food that contains corn, soy, and wheat on the list of dog food ingredients and I never feed my dog with products that contain them.

Tip 2: See the List of Food Preservatives

In order for food to last and stay fresh for a long time, the list of ingredients includes preservatives.

Another great product of canned moist food Purina Mighty Dog Wet Dog Food brings many different flavors, produced from pure meat and No Added Artificial Preservatives

It is important to note that there are good and bad preservatives.

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Some of the preservatives are carcinogenic to dogs.

I advise that dog food contains only preservatives of vitamins C and E. They are natural and definitely good for the health of your pet.

On the other hand, avoid dog food with:

– BHA / BHT preservatives.
– Ethoxyquin preservative.
– Carrageenan.
– Propylene glycol.
– Sodium Tripolyphosphate.

So these preservatives are unhealthy for your pet and I advise you if you want a healthy dog that will live long, to avoid products with these preservatives.

Tip 3: Percentage of Foods in Food Composition

Often, the name of the product will state the food that predominates in the composition. As I mentioned earlier, foods that are high in protein should predominate in products.

Avoid products that are dominated by foods such as cereals, vegetables, corn, soy, etc.

Pr. when the product has an inscription that contains words such as…

– chicken,
– beef,
– lamb,
– Salmon

This Purina Pro Plan with Probiotics Shredded Blend High Protein contains a high level of protein that your dog needs to be healthy.

This means that food will typically contain about 95% of that food. However, when the amount of water is included in the composition, then this percentage will drop to about 70%.

There is also the word “dinner” which means that the food will contain about 25% protein which is significantly less than 95% or 70% and will not meet the nutritional needs of the dogs.

The situation is similar to the word “formula”.

On the other hand, there are words like “Beef flavor” which indicates that there will be very little beef in the composition, ie. enough for the dog to feel just the taste.

So, in addition to the composition of foods, be sure to look at the amount of protein and other foods.

Tip 4: Characteristics of the dog breed

Each dog is a world unto itself with individual differences. Make sure you buy the best food for your dog. How?


– size
– age
– dog diseases
– way of life

So depending on the size and age of the dog, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of calories in the first place. Of course, it is known that puppies require more calories during the day.

A similar situation when mating dogs or chasing dogs.

Namely, the bitch will usually have an increased appetite during the chasing of dogs.

It is a very rare situation when her appetite decreases. By choosing the right amount of food, you will prevent the problems that come with the dog obesity problem.

In case of health problems, it is necessary to answer three questions:

– Does a dog suffer from any dog disease?
– Does a certain type of food cause allergic reactions?
– Is the dog breed more exposed to the risk of certain dog diseases?

The last criterion when choosing food with regard to individual characteristics is the lifestyle of the dog.

So it is necessary to adjust the pet’s diet to meet the nutritional value with respect to the lifestyle and activity of the dog.

When you have considered all the above criteria you may have thought it was too difficult for you.

Don’t worry, you can turn to a specialist like a veterinarian for advice, or you can gradually upgrade your knowledge when choosing the best dog food.

Tip 5: Pay Attention to the Technology and Quality of Dog Food Production

There are various processes that are carried out in the production of pet food. Different technologies are also used in production.

Make sure you choose a well-known and good company that produces high-quality dog food.

Dog food comes in the form of:

– Dry dog food.
– Dehydrated dog food.
– Canned dog food.
– Semi-moist dog food.
– Wet dog food.
– Raw dog food.

Pay attention to this high-quality dry dog food – Meal Topper – contains highly nutritious ingredients without preservatives, additives, and other harmful ingredients for your dog’s health

Surely you are wondering which of these types of food is the healthiest for my dog?

As a dog food evaluator, I have determined by examining various foods that the best-dehydrated type of food. Why?

There are various advantages and disadvantages, but in short, dehydrated foods:

– Contains very little preservative.
– There is less food processing.
– During processing, food retains great nutritional value.

Of course, it is necessary to consider the producers who produce dehydrated food, but it is also necessary to consider the individual characteristics of the dog.

For example – if you have a pet that is dehydrated, then wet dog food is a better choice to help keep your puppy dehydrated.

So I definitely recommend dehydrated dog food, but consider the characteristics of your pet first and foremost.

Tip 6: Be Careful When Choosing Dog Food Brands

Well-known dog food brands hire veterinarians who recommend their products. So not every well-known brand is the best for your pet’s health.

How to choose the best brand of dog food?

It is necessary to consider several sources of information such as:

  • Independent experts – the best sources of information about dog food brands are independent experts who test different types of dog food.
  • Reviews – user experiences are good sources of information. Yet commentators are sometimes not completely independent or do not have sufficient competence to rate food.
  • Dog food forums – forums are a good source of information. Namely, there are experts and users on the forums who together through the discussion evaluate the best brands of dog food.
  • I recommend that you do your homework and look for various sources of information. Know that well-known brands try to deceive consumers to buy their food, and people whom consumers trust…

The following is a list of nutritional requirements for dog food.

The best dog food is required to meet the nutritional requirements of dogs. However, in rare cases, the nutritional requirements of dogs are stated.

According to the Merck Veterinary Manual lists, the recommended there are 6 nutritional requirements for dog food:


The most important nutrient is definitely water. The most important thing is to provide your pet with access to fresh and clean water.

Water in food is present in different percentages:

– Wet dog food contains 60% to 87% water.
– Semi-moist dog food contains 25% to 35% water.
– Dry dog food contains 3% to 11% water.

Depending on the individual needs of the pet, it is sometimes necessary to provide the dog with water in the food if he does not get enough of it through drinking fluids.

The veterinarian in these cases advises feeding the dogs moist food.


The level of protein needed in a dog’s diet can vary considerably depending on the age of the pet, the health condition, and the lifestyle of the dog, which is mostly related to the level of activity.

Proteins can be…

– vegetable
– and of animal origin

It should be noted that proteins of plant origin are significantly worse than animal ones and that they are most often used in brands of dog food of lower quality.

Let’s now look at the third nutritional requirement of a dog’s diet.


It is necessary to balance the diet of dogs well in order to get enough fat intake in the body, but again not too much so as not to result in excessive energy intake.

When it comes to commercial products:

– Most contain 5% to 15% fat.
– Puppy food contains 8% – 20% fat.

The amount of fat intake required varies depending on the age and size of the pet.


It should be noted that there are no nutritional requirements in dogs for carbohydrates. Yet carbohydrates can have a positive impact on a pet’s health.

They are especially useful when there are high energy needs such as pet growth.

On the other hand, excessive carbohydrate intake leads to a reduced ability to digest food in dogs.


There are various types of vitamins used in dog products. Dogs benefit the most from vitamin C. If you are buying dog food then you do not need to worry about vitamins. Why?

Dog food manufacturers often put in the number of vitamins that exceed the minimum requirements of the pet.

All the necessary vitamins for your dog’s health are in this product – ProSense Multivitamin for All Life Stages, 90-Count


It is necessary to have a diet that contains a balanced amount of minerals as an excessive amount of certain minerals can reduce the absorption of other minerals.

Of the useful minerals dog food should contain:

– magnesium,
– sodium,
– potassium,
– calcium,
– phosphorus,
– iodine,
– iron,
– zinc,
– manganese.

The amount of mineral intake required is very small.

Can a dog be a vegetarian?

The dog is omnivorous and can eat certain types of vegetables. Yet a dog needs a large and quality source of protein, and a vegetarian diet does not meet its nutritional needs.

However, in rare situations…

… When a dog is suffering from certain diseases (allergic reactions), the veterinarian recommends that you feed your pet a certain vegetarian diet.


A well-balanced and complete food is one that optimally satisfies the nutritional value of the dog.

As a dog owner, it is sometimes not easy to choose the best dog food in addition to the many brands in dog food stores.

In this article I have stated:

– 6 basic tips on how to choose the best dog food.
– What you need to pay attention to in order to choose the best food.
– What are the nutritional requirements of dog food?

If you follow the tips I have given you, then it will be easier for you to choose a quality dog food brand that will provide your pet with a healthier and longer life.

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