Are Weimaraners good in cold weather?

Are weimaraners good in cold weather

Are Weimaraners good in cold weather? Bad weather conditions and low temperatures certainly do not appeal to hunting dogs. Therefore, make sure to do a few important things for their good. Hunting dogs, like all working dogs, should spend winter days in boxing or at home, as temperatures exceed their limits of endurance.

Weimaraner is a very healthy and resistant breed of dogs, which even the worst weather conditions, snow, rain, low temperatures do not bother to perform all hunting duties without any problems.

My hunting experience with Weimaraners in bad weather and low temperatures

Weimaraner dog breed fur density enables the smooth running through the water when temperatures are below zero.

My experience is that most of the hunting season is filled with bad weather conditions and temperatures are often about zero degrees. A third of the main hunting season is with temperatures below zero with plenty of precipitation, snow, and ice rain.

When we look at the place where the race originated, it can be clearly concluded that the Weimaraner is an ideal choice for a hunting dog for all types of hunting in bad weather conditions.

With Weimaraners, I mostly catch pheasants, wild duck, wild goose, wild boar, rabbit, fox, and jackal in the months when it is coldest and so far I have never had any problems caused by cold.

It is necessary that the dog is well fed and that it has enough activities to be in good physical condition, which is necessary for him to survive the coldest days without any problems.

Hunting in ice water

Often in hunts, my dogs enter the cold, icy waters, in order to bring the killed wild animal. I never had any problems before. The reason for this is the preparation of a dog. It is certainly necessary to do several things to help him lose as much as possible less energy.

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It is desirable that the dog, after entering the cold water, will run out and dry as much as possible. In extremely cold weather, when the temperature is below -10 degrees Celsius in combination with the wind, the dog needs to be further dried and warmed, but not in the warm rooms.

In order for the dog to warm up quickly after activities on a cold winter day, we recommend the PetFusion Premium Blanket. This blanket is made of materials that quickly warm the dog. It is composed of two layers, it is soft, easy to maintain.

Hunting in the snow

Mark on pheasant Chasseur D argent Beta (Daria)

I often catch deep snow with Weimaraners. Deep snow is not a problem unless it is very humid when it quickly melts and admires the hunter and especially the dog that moves through vegetation and snow-covered.

After such a hunt, the biggest mistake is to place the dog in a small and cramped space in which he can not move, as there is a possibility that the dog will freeze and even die from cold.

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In such situations, a dog needs to walk and run in a place where there is no snow to dry his body.

After that, it is necessary to place the dog on a dry and isolated place with warm and dry mats, and well-fed it, preferably with mildly heated food that will help him to compensate for the lost energy.

It is very important that if you plan to hunt with a dog when weather conditions are not very good to a dog on such conditions and prepare.

You need to walk regularly with him and perform shorter and longer walks where he will increase his fitness and become more resistant to cold, snow, cold water, …

weimaraner dogs
Mark on pheasant Chasseur D argent Daisy

Preparing a dog for hunting in cold weather

Daily shifts in the duration of 1-2 hours will significantly increase the resistance of the dog and hunting will become enjoyable despite the bad weather conditions.

If you think your dog will be cold in hunting activities we recommend the InnoPet Dog Jacket. This jacket is windproof, keeps the dog’s body temperature, and was created for medium-sized and large dogs.

A healthy and active dog should not be allowed to enter the cold water in such a way, it is even desirable to take the opportunity, especially at the beginning of the walk, when a dog wants to enter the ice water.

He will do it himself if he is regularly on a walk. It will take time to dry up and heat up to the end of the meal enough to ensure that additional heating is not necessary.

It is also very important not to introduce the dog into rooms where the temperature is 20 and more degrees when the outside temperature is below zero because the effect that is achieved is opposite and the large temperature difference negatively affects the health and condition of your dog.

The dog will be helpful in hunting in cold weather if you take care of the following things:

Nutrition of dogs in winter at extremely low temperatures

Weimaraneras in the winter hunting
Daughter and father – mark on pheasant
CH YCH SRB Balthazar-Bak and Chasseur D’argent Fee

Food for dogs that hunting dogs have on the menu during the cold days must be rich in protein and fat. We recommend the high-protein food Purina Pro Plan, which will return the energy spent on your dog after hunting activities.

This fact is especially important so that the animals will have enough energy during the cold weather. The colder causes energy consumption in the form of heat that the body releases, and it is, therefore, necessary to strengthen meals with foods rich in these substances.

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Water should be changed regularly, possibly put on slightly heated water, so I will emphasize here that it is especially paying attention if the dog is bound because even if it is snow, the dog breaks down and sheds the part that he can set or jump while it’s bound.

If your dog is outdoors or in a box, it is necessary to offer water several times during the cold days, as it should not be frozen.

Vet experts advise you to get into your dog’s rhythm. Water should be dosed in such a way that it does not freeze. It creates the possibility that the dog liaises the ice or eats the snow, which can cause colds, and often more severe consequences.

Since the dog’s water is necessary 3 or 4 times during the day, soak it in a bowl, offer the dog, if it is drunk it is okay, if not, throw the water, and after 4-5-6 hours, offer again and repeat the same procedure.


Even if they have long hair, and their characteristics are resistant to cold and low temperature, the dog should have its own place, protected from the wind.

What do you need to know to keep hunting dog outside

Note that a box in which your pet is well isolated, separated from the ground. The best thermal insulator is straw, and so do not save it into boxing under the dog. Also, if the dog is bound by a chain, make sure that the chain is of sufficient length to allow the dog to walk and in such a way to circulate his blood. This is very important, as the dog does not freeze.

Short-sighted dogs are NOT undercoat and do not expect to winter at -15 the same as that of an undercoat dog. It will not.

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It’s not the same house for the Rotwaiers and Dobermans. A dog with backing is an insufficiently insulated house, dry, protected from the wind (that is covered is assumed), and short-haired dogs need a house for dogs with good insulation on the floor.

For boxes that are not covered, it is desirable to have a prelude, for the simple reason that it wet from the shape to remain in the prelude, so as not to enter directly into the house.

If the dog is released from the box, and the dog is wet, dry the dog well, do not enter the house. Make sure the dog’s rug is dry, so your dog will stay dry and will not get cold.

If the box is 2 dogs, it will be easier to withstand the winter season.

Staying in indoor

weimaraner with wild duck
Aport wild duck Chasseur D argent dog

If a dog stays in the house, keep in mind that going out with, say, 25 degrees, on the outside, for example, -10 degrees, delight, jumping, along with that eating of the snow, can be fatal for your dog.

The dog is like a child, who rarely knows the boundary, and the dog, of course, needs a little adaptation both on the difference in temperature and activity.

When the dog comes out of the set, heated, dried, dry it (remove the dumplings or the like if you are putting it in), and preferably if you have a room where the temperature is lower, then take the dog to acclimatize it.

Always keep in mind that period of acclimatization.

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Watch at your dog

Hunting dogs who still have a hunting season are entering the water and are at risk of colds.

How to fix a flaw in hunting dogs

Except for hunters, this applies to all breeds: owners must observe the behavior of their pets. As soon as the dog begins to sink, it is weaker to run, it should be warmed up immediately.


Are Weimaraners good in cold weather
Detail from walk CH YCH SRB Balthazar Bak, Chasseur D argent Beta and Daisy

During the cold days, dogs should walk, but always choose to be shorter but more dynamic walks.

How to train a hunting dog to walk on a leash

If a dog is walking along the asphalt road, you must rinse his paws after a walk, because the road can be very harmful to the health of your pet.

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