What Do You Need to Know to Keep Hunting Dog Outside

What Do You Need to Know to Keep Hunting Dog Outside

One of the most important things if you want to have a healthy and efficient hunting dog is providing adequate living space for the dog. Usually, hunting dogs are kept outside in special accommodations designed only for them.

What do You Need to Know to Keep Hunting Dog Outside? Keeping a dog in the yard or in the house depends primarily on the owner’s decision. Of course, this should take into account the type of breed and climatic conditions (sheepdogs are an ideal choice if you want to keep your dog in the yard).

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If you choose to do this, you must provide adequate accommodation for your dog, that is, a house that should be of the right size with respect to the breed of dog.

It would be desirable to place the dog house in such a place that it is not exposed to the wind, it has a canopy that will protect the entrance from rain and snow and of course, the floor should be raised from the floor at least 10 – 20cm.

The dog should be allowed to move around the yard freely, which is a precondition for a fenced yard (I am against keeping the dog on a leash).

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A dog changes its hair and is a natural process in dogs that usually occurs during the seasons, ie it depends on temperature changes.

Dogs living in the home or apartment can languish all winter because of constant temperature changes (warm, cold outside in the home), while dogs that are constantly out in the yard do not. But it is not an indicator of a healthier and more natural way of life.

The care and attention the owner gives to his dog is the most important thing regardless of the way he is kept.

Preparing puppy accommodation

The puppy must come to a prepared place to live.

Adequate boxing, or space for the life of a young and later adult dog, must be made before arrival.

When arriving at a new home, the puppy must have his own space, his dog house, and his box, and not “temporarily” reside in garages, sheds, pantries.

Things to look out for in a dog’s living space that is housed in outdoor conditions:

– Brightness
– Ventilation
– The sunny part of the yard
– The optimal size of a dog house and space around it
– The roof and entrance to the dog house
– Good insulation and materials for the cottage

Daylight and space to live

First, they do not have enough sunlight, which is necessary for the proper growth and development of a young organism, each and even a canine.

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Ventilation of the accommodation

There is no adequate ventilation, ie no necessary airflow is provided. So, boxing with a dog house must be done. How?

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As with any construction, space, where the box with the dog house will be built, must first be determined. The selected terrain should not be in a wet place but in a dry part of the economic yard.

Make sure that the north wind does not blow directly into the side of the doghouse with an opening to enter it.

The sunny part of the yard

The place must be well sunny.

The house can be made of different materials, but the basic requirement is that these materials are good thermal insulators, that they do not allow excessive cooling during the winter and overheat during warm days.

The optimal size of a dog house and space around it

In our conditions, wood is the most common material used to make a dog house. What is the size of a dog’s house?

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It should be emphasized that the house should not be over-sized, that is, too large since in these cases it does not provide sufficient thermal protection during the winter but is too cold in it, which is detrimental to the dog.

The size of the house depends on the size of the dog.

Thus, to accommodate the German hunting terrier and Weimaraner we need to have different sizes of the dog houses.

In order to maintain the hygiene of the accommodation, this involves cleaning and occasionally disinfecting the house, which is always out of the box and must have a movable roof that slopes to one side only.

Dog house roof

The roof should be covered with waterproof material.

Then the cottage can be opened whenever necessary. Another very important detail, the entrance to the cottage, the “door”, by no means put on the narrow side, that is, in the middle.

The entrance must be positioned in such a way that it allows the dog to hide in the house, not to be visible and lined with tin or metal profile so that the dog does not bite him.

Dog house insulation

In addition to these very important psychological aspects, a well-placed entrance to the cottage provides protection from the wind as well as from the sun.

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In this way, maximum protection is provided during the winter, and during the summer there is good protection against overheating.

Boards, with grooves, are used to make the cottage. The cottage should be raised from the ground, about 15 cm. This prevents the base from being wet.

Space around the dog house

In addition to the dog’s house, a box is needed, that is, a place to move and exercise physiological needs.

The hunting dog will certainly not run in boxing, the terrain is for that, but it must still be big enough.

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In principle, the larger the box, the more favorable it is for the dog, but the space of 2 x 2m meets the accommodation needs.

Dog box floor

The question is what kind of material should the backing be in the box since hygiene must be maintained?

In practical terms, a reinforced concrete base is best, the surface of which is 1:1 in fine sand and cement casting.

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This concrete finish provides a good foundation that does not slip, does not crack during winter, does not retain wet, is easy to clean.

A slight drop in the base of the box towards the sewer drain should be made. In a box with a concrete base, it is necessary to provide the dog with a plate for lying, made of wood, so that it does not lie on the concrete.

Boxing should be fenced with braided wire with not too large openings.

For large dogs, the openings on the wire should not be larger than 5×5 cm. For smaller dogs, this size is smaller.

The fence should be high enough, preferably 2m. Boxing can also be covered, and the gate must open inward to prevent the dog from escaping when the owner enters.

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