Why Dogs Like Things That Stink?

Why Dogs Like Things That Stink

People and animals value scents in different ways. What smells to us, our pets are a real aromatic pleasure. People gather the most information from the outside world with the sight of the eyes. Dogs do not have a clear sense of sight. They have a developed sense of smell and a sense of hearing comes after it.

The first information from the outside world is received through the senses of snuff. That’s why the dog will use its sense of smell to explore every scent and thus complete the image of the outside world. Science has proven that the sense of snuff in dogs is about 10,000 times more sensitive than human.

Although it’s unusual for us, our pets enjoy the smell of rotting, dirty leaves or a bag with a tattered garbage. The dogs are so appealing that they have the need and surround themselves with the cloud of these unpleasant smells. The reason for this lies in a deep past.

This simply means that the cloud of a strong perfume, which is unpleasant to our nose, is a real aromatic bomb for our pet. It is also well known that dogs use their nervous system

  • as a universal sensory
  • use it to orientate,
  • measure time and distance in space,
  • solve problems …

Sense of smell

In assessing dog sniffs, however, owners often mistake it and identify it with a human. Although it’s strange to us, the stench of meat rubbing the pets is overwhelming.

Dogs like to smell turtle piles of fallen leaves or a bag with a tattered garbage. These flavors are so attractive for dogs that they not only search for them and love to breathe, but they also need to surround themselves with the cloud of these unpleasant smells.

Beach stones experiment

Why Dogs Like Things That Stink

The power of a dog’s sense of snuff, especially hunting dogs, speaks of rocky stone experiments. If a man takes a stone, keep it for a moment in his hand, and then throw it away as much as he can, his dog will have no problems in finding a stone that has been sniffing in the multitude of stones of all sizes, colors, and shapes.

Searching is enough of the smell of sweat from the palm, and as he slams the hand of a man without any major problems, he will also locate all the objects he has previously touched upon.

The smell of human legs

The dogs are very striking and the smell of human legs, which explains the habit of a large number of pets to pull their nose into old shoes or play with slippers or worn socks.

There is information that the dogs of the race of bloodhound can follow the four-day-old track of a man’s walk, and that’s more than 150 kilometers. The smell of human legs so much of a dog is inspiring that individual races can recognize the trace of a particular individual even in places where many people walked, even when walking in shoes.

Pleasant and unpleasant smell

This is posed by the next question – how do dogs evaluate the quality of the fragrance, that is, according to human standards, what is pleasant to them, and what an unpleasant smell?

The answer is not simple and should be sought in the innumerable corridors of the maze of the dog’s sniffing labyrinth. It is a system of receptors that are activated when sniffing and revealing the finest shades of a particular scent. It is about millions of active points through which the information on the basis of which animals draws conclusions is passed to the brain.

The sense of snuff in dogs in relation to man is incomparably more complex and more developed, which fits into the animal way of “thinking”. The dog receives and registers irritation by a nervous, fragrant nerve from the smell organ located in the so-called olfactory mucous membrane of the scent of the nasal cavity. With this instrument, our pets use the sense of smell as a significant communication aid, to collect a whole range of different types of data, through careful analysis of mutual smells.

Dogs, therefore, breathe the unpleasant smell from enjoyment, but also for practical reasons. American dog expert Stanley Corner explains this behavior by being rooted in animal wildlife.

Wild dogs are rolled in stinky substances such as feces, the remains of dead individuals as a way to blur their own scent, which enables them to seamlessly reveal prey. Our pets today do not have such concerns, but due to their genetic heritage, they can not often refrain from snooping or rolling in stinking environments.

The smell of the owner

Pets, however, have a habit of surrounding the scents that their owners are spreading. Hence their interest in the baskets with dirty underwear used socks or shoes of the owner.

Attentiveness towards the boss also shows that he will rather fall asleep with a sweaty, wrapped dressing room than in his own bed. This is explained by the primordial habit of a dog to love the familiar smell of his harrier or the family in which he lives as pets.


People’s favorite smell of grilled meat, dogs are merely repulsive.

The fact that we can not help forgetting is that dogs rely more on smell than on the taste in deciding what to eat and how much.

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If the briquette food smells attractive, the dog will dive into it with current and primordial fervor. The owner will immediately know that these foods are full hit. So the smell of granules should be liked by our dogs rather than us.

Here’s a list of 8 unusual things that dogs can smell


Due to the excessive use of pesticides, bees on the American continent are increasingly at risk of extinction.

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However, since 1970, American beekeepers trained dogs to find sick hives before infecting other, healthy swarms.

With a superb sniff, dogs simply follow the smell of bacteria that causes a disease known as the American plague of bee litters.


Dogs can wear to squeeze material polycarbonate, a key component of all CDs. In this way, the dogs contributed to the discovery of massive trade of fake DVDs.

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The drowned bodies

In the US police, dogs often help to find bodies in the water.

The odor of the drowned body is released into the water, and then it gets into the air. Dogs can smell this scent from the boat, from the shore, or while swimming.


On our portal, you already had the opportunity to read the story of a dog that can bite diabetes. Namely, dogs can train to alert their owners who are diabetic whenever their blood sugar rises to critical levels.

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Whale’s excrement

Scientists often analyze the excrement to monitor the health of these animals, as they contain important information on their nutrition. But there is one problem: the excrement immediately sinks to the bottom.

For this reason, a group of scientists trained dogs to discover excrement.

Dogs can trace the scent from a distance of more than one kilometer and a half, and bring scientists to “smelly” goods. When a dog detects it, he points out the location of the ship’s captain by leaning to the left or to the right.

Bedding Stenosis

Bedding stenosis is a parasite that feeds on the blood of man, cats, dogs, and other animals, and most often it inhabits our furniture – beds, and mattresses.

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In response to this problem, in the western countries, disinfection services began as assistants to bring dogs with them who can feel these parasites in the house. Their precision rate is more than 96 percent.


The government in Finland has funded a training program for dogs for the detection of valuable sulfides.

When the trees are in the decomposing phase, a smell like the spoiled eggs is released, which dogs can easily detect, which is of great economic importance.

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Cancer cells have a distinctive odor that the sensitive nose of the dogs can smell. It has been proven that patients suffering from lung or breast cancer are breathing out those scents.

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Thus, dogs are being trained today to alert people to the danger of smelling their breath.

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