Why are hunting dogs tearing the game?

Why are hunting dogs tearing the game

Why are hunting dogs tearing the game? The main cause of the tearing of the game is hunger, prey bleeding, and tiredness in the dog.

Therefore, each dog before hunting, exams, or matches should be well fed and should not be overburdened at work.

Tearing and burying catches has three main causes:

  • The first is the same as when hunting, catching a dog to try or lick blood or catch meat.
  • The second cause is associated with the inappropriate or insufficient nutrition of the dog.
  • We must first look for the third reason is the nature of some dogs, in which the instinct of predators has not yet been extinguished.

In the first case, training is relatively easy, in the second, there is no difficulty just to feed the dog, and in the third, correcting the fault is the hardest, sometimes even impossible.

Tearing catch is different. Usually, the dog never bites the catch while it is under control. The other dogs tear the catch only randomly, often seemingly for incomprehensible reasons, because they never did it before.

As a rule, the main cause is hunger or also an attractive opportunity to bleed savages in the last place, tiredness.

How to train bird dog

The big mistake is made by the owners of hunting dogs in the province, leaving the gut of the birds, domestic rabbits, at places where dogs can find them. This creates a tendency towards the tearing of the dog, and it can also be infected with parasites.

The dog must be fed

It is necessary to condition that each dog before feeding, exams or matches is fed properly. Whether it takes a hunt, a test, or a match all day, it must be fed later.

The dog must be rested

The second requirement is that the dog does not burden too much in work. If murder is almost the main reason for the burial of the hunting, it is also, special hungry, the incentive for the tearing of the hunting. A tired and hungry dog, and when he did not intend to harvest the hunting, he rested beside the catch.

When something is wrong with the dog instinct

The dog that tears catching by the instinct is difficult to cure. Therefore, the dogs that have been identified should not be used inbreeding. Because it is assumed that this untangled instinct is based on the behavior.

How to teach hunting dog the “Down” command

Fortunately, it is relatively rare among dog birds. Therefore, if someone wanted to start removing this defect, the dog would have to be constantly under control, so as to be able to reprimand and punish him at any time.

Burying catches

Dogs that bury catches instead of bringing it, they also do it instinctively. Such behavior is neglected by dogs, but it happens on some occasions.

Such a circumstance is when a dog, without our contact, has to make a wild game that is disgusting, or rather difficult, from a greater distance. If a dog is tired, it can bury the catches that eventually lead to a shorter distance.

This defect is prevented by proper management of the dog from young days, by professional training in catching.

Hunting dogs injuries

The training takes place by bringing heavy wood or stuffed hard-faced leather leaves, weighing at least 5-7 kg, and training and work for the dog to bring a hidden catch.

If a dog is tired, we do not do basic training on the fox trail or other hard hunting. Let it be preferred for the second day when the dog is fresh and restful.

But the instinct for burial appears already in puppies. Puppies bury the remains of their food, bones, and others. Such behavior is prevented by punishment in every attempt, and the things that the burial belt is removed.


Why are hunting dogs tearing the game
Wild rabbit aport – Chasseur D’argent FCI 100/16 – Weimaraner from Veliko Gradište

If the dog buries food residues, it is a sign that you pay more attention to aport training, especially the prey that does not please the dog.

How to get your dog to stop digging

When such a catch is trained by a dog on an artificial track, an assistant is also needed, who from the shelter, contrary to the direction of the wind to the dog, watches the dog’s behavior when it comes to the savage.

At the least attempt to bury the hunting, the assistant immediately works, preferably with teleactic. In such an intervention, the dog gives up the burial of the prey.

If the dog seizes prey and returns to the guide, the assistant goes after him and follows what he will do. Work on an artificial trail with such a savage is done for as long as she did not expel.

If a dog has a well-established prey in such circumstances, it can be assumed that it will no longer be buried. When the dog is sufficiently fortified, we train him in search of the field, in the high bush for about 1 hour.

After a short rest and refreshment with water, we again work on the artificial track together with the assistant. If the assistant notices that the dog intends to bury, for example, A fox with a heavy scent does not have to disturb the dog.

The guide was warned where the prey was buried. The dog is taken to a leash with spikes from inside and is forced to dig a fox and it is neatly to bring it back to the leash held by the guide.

After a prolonged time, when the dog calms down and rests, the assistant with the prey buried by the dog earlier produces a longer artificial trace.

How to fix a flaw in hunting dogs

If a dog brings a savage, it is very rewarding. In the next days, we are working with this prey of new artificial tracks, again with an assistant.

If you see the burial of prey in an older dog, which was not trained at all in the method of heavy objects and (lost) savages, the procedure is the same as after the hunting in the training of a young dog.

How to feed your dog well

In quality dog nutrition, bases should be made up of cereals with the addition of 20-30% protein with some vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. In addition to quality fresh meat that is expensive, it is recommended that the intestines should be cooked.

Puppy should get used to fresh meat from the beginning because it has more vitamins and minerals because if used to boiling, fresh ones will not eat again later. Bones are needed by the dog because they protect the teeth from stone by mechanical cleansing and because of the content of calcium and phosphorus.

Puppies are given in the mucous state. Vegetables are necessary for the feeding of dogs (carrots, beets, leeks, tail, salad), as a source of vitamins C and A. Vegetables should be cooked, peeled and in the form of porridge. Inadequately cooked flour products must not be given, such as the middle of bread, noodles, dough, potatoes, etc.

Avoid sugar in the diet because it creates acid and causes a narrowing, but can be given as a reward in hunting because it is suitable for carrying.

All fruits that a dog wants to eat should not be banned from him. The food that should not be given is a white liver, too much fat, beans, peas, cabbage, but they should not be thrown out completely, but given them in small quantities, because they are hard to grieve and overpower the animal.

Many people use granules that are good, but only as a dietary supplement. They should not be used as basic foods.

The grown-up dog meets one meal a day, when it does not work, i.e. when it is not done on the field, it is trained and when it is not hunted.

It takes 10 hours for a dog to cook food. Food should be given warm, and iced food and water are a real poison to the dog. In summer months, a dog that is digestible or prone to cultivation should skip one meal a week.

Freshwater should be given to the dog every day. If the heart, liver, or kidneys are covered with a halo, the effort is 10 times higher than normal because a weaker oxygen supply occurs.

In dogs older than eight years, signs of chronic nephritis are found which is incurable. Kidneys and liver do not function as before.

A lot of vegetables cooked in water should be added, which makes it easier to defecate and urinate and reduce fat but does not completely eliminate it.

All starch foods, including rice, need to be removed. Provide belly meat from vegetables with plenty of water so that the kidneys can more easily secretive harmful substances.

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