How to bathe a dog at home

How to bathe a dog at home

Do we ask how often our pets should be bathed? Both dogs and humans require bathing from time to time. If we bathe a dog, it stays healthy and also removes the unpleasant odors that the dog can spread around.

Immediately I will emphasize that bathing dogs should not be exaggerated, because too often washing will damage the surface protective layer of the skin!

However, there are situations in which bathing is necessary because sometimes our pets are very pleased to get into the mud or some other odorless substance.

When it comes to this you need to know how to choose the right shampoo. The best remedy for this is dog shampoo.

Dog shampoos

Special shampoos for long-haired and short-haired dogs are available on the market, as well as dry skin shampoos, shampoos with various vitamin-mineral supplements. We recommend organic shampoo for your dog.

Exhibition dogs are bathed before arranging for an exhibition of shampoos intended specifically for this purpose, depending on breed, color, and length of hair, etc.

If you do not have any of these listed on hand, you can use baby shampoo or clean lukewarm water.

Why dogs like things that stink

What to do when you don’t have a dog shampoo

Adult shampoos often cause skin irritation and the appearance of redness and itching in animals. If you do not have a dog shampoo you can wash your dog with lukewarm water.

The procedure for bathing an adult dog in a home

Some chicks will be delighted to enter the bath or shower in the garden.

You should be careful and do not use force because you will scare them forever. You prefer to give up classic bathing and use gentle methods.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the dog’s legs and then the back, and try to get used to the dog by doing this.

Never start washing with a strong jet of water or throwing the animal into a tub full of water. They are as uncomfortable with us as they are.

For bathing, choose a nice, sunny day so your pet dries in the air without a hairdryer or place it near the stove in the apartment.

If you notice any change in the skin after bathing, avoid the used bath preparation in the future.

Some animals need to be bathed for health reasons, especially those that have skin problems (seborrhea, fungal, bacterial, parasitic dermatitis), for this purpose special medical shampoos are used, which are actually medicines, which are attributed by a veterinarian.

For dogs up to the age of four months, it is not recommended to use a bath, but to use a dry shampoo.

Do not use a variety of perfumes, as each animal has its own distinctive scent, which you have to get used to, and over time you no longer notice.

How to bathe a puppy in a home

Often, the owners bring a puppy that has been in the litter with other puppies until then and has an unpleasant and intense odor.

It is true that we can wash a puppy as early as 2-3 months, but the most important thing is to know how and where. Before bathing, prepare all the necessary “accessories” to keep your dog unattended.

Make sure you clean your dog thoroughly beforehand. Tangled hair or worse knots on it can cause huge problems when wet.

Bathing is best done in a bathtub.

Make sure the room is warm and most importantly the water is warm. Puppies are particularly sensitive at this age, so it is important that they are warm during bathing and after.

Wet your hair well first until you are sure that the water has penetrated all the way to the skin. Remember that you need to double shampoo and rinse the dog twice.

Apply the shampoo to the back first, rub it better, then move to the abdomen, legs, and tail. Pay particular attention to the parts of the eyes and ears as they are most sensitive to shampoo.

Rinse your dog well so that no traces of shampoo remain. Insufficiently washed hair can irritate and dry the skin. The hair is slightly drained by hand and then wiped clean with a towel.

How to Dry a Dog After a Bath

Now the only thing you have to do is dry. It is easiest to place it on an elevated surface (eg an old desk) to make it easier for yourself.

When drying, do not heat the same place for too long and do not dry too close to the skin. Keep to the rules – keep hair longer as close to the skin as possible, as this prevents hair from tangling.

Set the hairdryer in the natural direction of hair movement and you can use the brush at the same time. This way you can form the desired hairstyle and check for parasites or skin problems when combing.

What shampoos and conditioners to use

Nowadays, there is a truly great range of cosmetic products for animals.

This allows us to solve many of the problems or deficiencies that plague our pets, such as improving texture or hair quality, making it easier to brush your dog, reviving hair without shine or volume, eliminating the unpleasant odor of hair.

What shampoos to use when bathing a dog

Choosing a shampoo is an important decision of every owner. Up to one year of age, it is most advisable to wash the dog with shampoo intended for young dogs or puppies.

These are very mild natural anti-allergy shampoos. Due to their natural base, they do not remove the natural layer of fat that is very important in dogs.

A big mistake for many owners is when they use shampoos for their pets. Ph man and dog are not the same and even mild baby shampoos can dry a dog’s skin.

If your dog’s skin is sensitive and prone to allergies (eg various forms of redness, dandruff), it is best to use special anti-allergy shampoos.

For dogs with soft, silky hairs like poodles, Maltesers, cockers, etc. it is best to use oil-based shampoos. They are rich in plant extracts and oils that will feed the hair.

What regenerators to use when bathing a dog

We also use regenerators. They often contain vegetable proteins and give the hair extra shine, volume, and a pleasant aroma. Our recommendation for a good regenerator.

Sharp-haired dogs like, schnauzers and terriers, who naturally have sharp hair, wash special shampoos for that type of hair.

This type of shampoo contains no oils, but herbal substances that enhance the texture of the hair and maintain its firmness while not drying out the skin or the hair.

Spray-applied, dry-wash shampoos, diluted with water, are nowadays ideal for washing your pet frequently when it is raining. Effectively clean, deodorizing and easy to apply.

There is a wide variety of sprays, oils, and powders for improving the structure of the hair, for the elasticity of the hair, for color enhancement and other preparations that are more familiar to the owners who visit the exhibitions.

Of course, this does not mean that you cannot use them on your pets even if you do not visit the exhibitions.

Shampoo quality is also important. Dogs have a lot more “hair” than humans, so good quality shampoo should be easily foamed and lightly washed.

So choose a higher quality preparation that may require more money but will certainly be more effective.

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