Aggression in dogs and how to prevent it

Aggression in dogs and how to prevent it

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that about 800,000 people seek medical attention every year for dog bites. More than half of them are children, so we come to the logical question:

Why is aggression in dogsAg occurring and can it be prevented?

Some people encourage the aggressiveness of dogs

For some dogs, aggression is an inherent trait. However, if the dog is socialized on time and given a lot of love and training, he will only respond and protect his family when needed.

The problem occurs in families that consciously influence their dog to become aggressive and that’s when the problem arises.

Such a dog will often attack humans and other animals, and it is possible that the dog will attack its owner as well.

Aggression as a result of human thoughtlessness

Aggression also occurs because of the thoughtlessness of people who often view dogs from a human rather than a canine perspective. That is why many people interpret the signals that are characteristic of dogs.

You should also be aware that if your dog bites someone, then there is a double problem:

– you will be punished,
– your dog will be taken away or dormant.

It is not worth talking about a victim, especially if it is a child since trauma due to dog bite will be present throughout the whole life for individuals.

If one looks at the origins of dogs, aggression actually manifests itself in wolves and wild dogs, which have historically crossed with domestic dogs and have been used for animal husbandry and hunting. Otherwise, dog breeders point out that eye contact with prey is a very desirable trait, especially for pointers and sheep breeds.

Do not leave small children unattended near dogs

However, it should be noted that eye contact between a dog and a toddler can be interpreted as challenging by a dog, especially a sheepdog.

If the dog is not socialized from a young age, this can be a warning sign and cause him to dominate the child.

That is why dogs, especially hunting and sheepdogs that have the code in the genes may be prone to aggressive behavior.

Not to neglect the reasons for the dog’s aggression

Otherwise, as veterinarians and dog experts state, there is always a cause for aggression. Therefore, it is very important to understand why a dog is aggressive?

Once a dog becomes aggressive, owners should be aware that aggression does not go away on its own.

Not a dog guilty of aggression, but a human. If the owner does not understand why this is happening, they will get aggressive in intensity, so in the end, they will have to look for an expert, and it all costs.

Properly interpret dog body language

That is why it is very important to recognize aggression in order to prevent it in time, and one way is to monitor the body language of the dog.

Also, when choosing a dog, one should know the facts about the owners’ habits and the temperament of the whole family. Based on this, the breed of dog is selected.

For example, working dogs like Border Collie require a lot of activity for most of the day to avoid the aggressive behavior caused by boredom.

Weimaraner ear problems

All family members should participate in training sessions

Training through obedience training is a must for all dogs, especially hunting and sheepdogs.

An insecure and anxious dog, as well as a dog that is constantly on the chain, becomes aggressive because it does not know what the owner actually expects of it.

That is why all members of the family should participate in training because dogs are animals that live in a pack, and thus experience the family they are in.

That is why it is important for them to understand their place in the hierarchy.

Dog sterilization helps to reduce aggression in dogs

Also, owners with young children must teach the little ones to respect the dog. Even those dogs that are not prone to aggression can bite if they feel threatened.

Sterilization and castration help reduce the dog’s aggressive behavior.

If you have problems with being aggressive with your dog, we recommend this type of product.

Types of dog aggression

These are some types of aggression in a dog:

Dominant aggression

It manifests itself by growling and biting the owner. If the dog bites you, do not beat him or punish him physically, as this can only make the situation worse.

You should take the attitude and tone you address to the dog so that he understands that it is you and not the pack leader.

Aggression over a desire to mate

This type of aggression occurs in both males and females. In females, they occur when they have a sexual desire for mating or when they are pregnant – They then exhibit hormonal aggression.

They are usually aggressive then if someone is touching their favorite item. This is also called maternal aggression.

Males are aggressive all year long, especially if you have two dogs of the same sex, who want to prove their dominance.

Aggression for fear

This is actually the most common cause of aggression in dogs. It usually occurs if the puppies are not socialized and have not learned about strangers in their environment.

Aggression over the defense of the territory

It is normal for a dog to defend the territory, but not for every stranger to biting because of it. You can prevent this by introducing the dog to strangers coming to your house or to people on the street.

Aggression because of people

It occurs because individuals, unfortunately, teach their dogs to be aggressive, and they should be aware that this is difficult to eradicate.

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