Why Does My Dog Bite Its Tail?

Why Does My Dog Bite Its Tail

Tail biting, which often occurs in activities when the dog is chasing after its tail, often occurs due to physical disturbances, such as problems with the anal glands or some infections. The second reason is the mental state of the dog, and this condition cannot be ignored.

You should not ignore smaller tail bites as the problem can get larger than the tail-biting to blood, which has been observed in many dogs. This is a definite indicator of a psychological problem and needs to be taken seriously.

The main reasons why does my dog bites its tail?

– Nervous system disorders (genetic predispositions),
– Tail injury (spinal cord disease),
– Stereotype due to reduced activity (as in dogs that are constantly in the box, so they run in circles or animals at the zoo where some of them are constantly walking the same path even when they have more space at their disposal.

The dog once started this behavior because something was itching at his tail and he was trying to reach it or simply see the top of his tail and think: see a nice hunting object! I could chase him, I have nothing to do anyway!

A dog is happy when chasing its tail

The problem is that this kind of behavior has one extremely self-validating component. When a dog catches its tail and nibbles at it, it releases the hormones of happiness.

Simply put, the dog has found the possibility of doping itself and therefore constantly repeats these behaviors.

What was originally a fight against boredom is mutating into an activity from which the dog can no longer escape.

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A dog seeks your attention when chasing its tail

Sometimes this is a form of behavior that requires some attention. The dog has learned that the household will react when it behaves like that.

Dogs are, as extremely social beings, directed to humans to live and communicate with them.

People’s attention is so important to them. Dogs will also seek people’s attention when they are causing negative attention, which includes activities such as barking or when they are hurting themselves.

Encouraging the dog to chase its tail

Another reason why the dog persistently chases its tail is the pre-incitement of this behavior.

If you used to like this activity of a dog and you even rewarded it, the dog will remember it and repeat it.

If you continue to achieve this type of behavior, it is important that you stop immediately and begin to slightly overbear.

A dog is frustrated when chasing its tail

It can be a kind of missed action that a dog shows because he is stressed out because he can’t do something he really wants. Then he seeks a replacement for it and so tries to deal with the frustration.

Eg. the dog goes to the sleeping cats, would like to chase them away and not approach them, and worse, they are not at all upset about the dog.

The frustration experienced must come out somewhere, and the dog has already learned that catching its own tail relieves it of frustration.

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How to prevent a dog from chasing its tail

Take your dog to the vet

What to do? You should first check with your vet that this is not an accident. Tail pain can be irritating to the dog, which is why the dog is obsessively chasing his tail.

Give your dog low-energy food

Then one should switch to low-energy food (if it is not an injury) and allow the dog more activity, physical and spiritual, so he should be employed.

The dog must be active

It is not enough to engage a dog with a long walk and run beside a bicycle, run with the dog and be yourself. The dog also needs to be stimulated mentally. Throw him a ball that he will then return, or play creative games with him.

The dog should not be released from the box as it spins and catches its tail as it will connect the activity as a sign that you will then release it from the box.

The dog should be stimulated in a different way

Some other irritation should be used to stop the circulation – something that responds (doorbell, banging on the food bowl). And the problem would be solved if he didn’t have to go to boxing at all.

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Ignore or not chase the tail

Ignoring the dog while it behaves will contribute to solving the problem.

This means: you should not look at him, tell him anything, or touch him.

There are similar behaviors that cause your dog to get your attention such as barking, scratching at the door, putting your head on our foot, passing the ball, etc.

These are all things our dog wants to manipulate with us to get his attention.

However, ignoring the behavior is not allowed, as spinning in the circle will intensify. The real reason should be found because if it has already bit its tail and created a wound, it will cause it to bite again.

Tail amputation is not the solution

Some owners have tried the tail amputation, but the psychological problem will not be solved.

After all, there is a good chance that the dog will find another way to express the same problem – biting his paw for example.

That is why most behavior problems can be solved with the active life of our pets. This is desirable for every dog.

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