How to buy Weimaraner puppies?

how to buy Weimaraner puppies

How to buy Weimaraner puppies? Choosing and buying the right puppy involves a lot of work that you need to do to get the best results, which is to choose a puppy who will be your hunting helper and a member of your family.

In the following section, I will explain how to choose the right puppy that will meet your needs and make the dog itself useful and happy.

The first step when buying a puppy

The beauty of a Weimaraner is a well-known thing. It’s usually said to be the most beautiful dog in the world.

A certain number of people immediately have the need to have a dog like this. Most potential owners are aware that there are no conditions and the will to own Weimaraner remains just one wish that cannot be realized.

For a certain number of people, this desire does not cease and starts thinking about how to own one such dog.

Of course, beauty is not what is the main feature of this dog. What makes him recognizable are his working qualities as an excellent hunting dog.

On the other hand, the desire to own Weimaraner is also obtained by hunters who, in various hunts, have the opportunity to be convinced of his hunting qualities.

Both are potential buyers of Weimaraner puppies, but their goal of owning them is diametrically different.

There is a turning point in the direction the new owner needs to go in order to own one such dog.

I belong to a group of hunters and from my experience, I can say that choosing a puppy and arranging with a breeder is not easy at all. Of course, I will try to describe both directions in my search for puppies.

What to know when looking for a puppy

After the initial desire to take possession of the Weimaraner, the search for the puppy begins.

However, before embarking on an active search, you need to know some facts that can only help you find the right dog.

First of all, it is necessary to consider their own conditions in which the dog should reside and on that basis, it should be decided whether it is at all possible to keep the dog inadequate conditions.

Of course, this does not mean that if there is space for the house and some small space beside that the conditions are adequate.

I would base myself more on those conditions that cannot be measured accurately.

I think about looking at all the responsibilities a future owner or family has and whether there is enough time in that schedule to devote to a new family member.

how to buy weimaraner puppies

Time to dedicate to the dog

What does this practically mean? In the first place is a free-time schedule that can be devoted to a dog who needs to join the family.

You should be aware that unless you have a minimum of 2-3 hours of leisure time at several different times of the day, you do not have adequate conditions for the dog.

Weimaraner is a dog full of energy and his enjoyment is most reflected in free-running in nature.

Of course, in addition to free time, we need to see in advance whether we also have space where it is possible to let the dog run enough, to swim and everything else that makes one Weimaraner happy.

Space you must provide for the dog

If time is not a problem, the next step is to meet his other nutritional needs, veterinary care, planning a dog training time.

What is very important is that you need to be aware when purchasing that any neglect of its needs means that the dog will be unhappy and dissatisfied and this can further cause very unpleasant situations.

Talking to Weimaraner owners and kennels can help a lot in all of these things, which, if you ask them nicely, can answer many of the questions that bother you.

They can also draw attention to things you didn’t even think about, which is all it takes to hold a Weimaraner.

At the end of this chapter, I would like to point out that when looking for and buying a puppy, you need to be aware of the size and strength of an adult dog because it is a medium-sized dog that possesses exceptional strength and energy.

A budget for buying a dog

After considering all the conditions associated with purchasing and keeping a dog, it is necessary to determine the budget available to you when buying a dog.

You should definitely be aware that the amount given when buying a puppy is just one small step over everything else that new owners expect in terms of finances.

This is true even when it comes to buying the most expensive puppies you find on the market.

Looking ahead – what the dog will be when he grows up

What I’ve written so far is a generic thing and applies to all new potential Weimaraner owners.

After that, however, the direction in the search for the puppy is divided into two directions.

It may be separated in several directions later, but they can generally be classified in the Weimaraner search direction for a hunting dog and Weimaraner pet search.

Weimaraner as a hunting dog

Weimaraner is a hunting dog and should primarily be used for this purpose but it has paid tribute to its beauty and now has a large number of dogs that have been bred for generations as ineligible dogs and have lost their hunting traits drastically.

So if a new owner wants to have a dog as a pet, he or she should make a selection when looking for a dog that does not have a hunting origin.

The most important reason for such a thing is that the vast majority of Weimaraner breeders intended for hunting will not sell the puppy to anyone who will not use that dog for hunting.

Contacting such breeders generally means a waste of time, since no money to such breeders is crucial to having a dog go into the hunter’s hands.

20 things why Weimaraner is the most versatile hunting dog

Weimaraner as a pet

Another option, a dog as a pet, opens a wide range of non-hunting breeders.

There are some breeders who try to promote such dogs through hunting traits, but mostly such dogs are practically useless in hunting.

These prospective owners should definitely plan to use the dog as a show dog or whether it will be a pet only and, accordingly, to select breeders who can sell their puppy.

Of course, one should be aware that if you are planning on becoming a dog Weimaraner, it is not easy to choose an individual who has all the potential to become a dog.

The only one who knows how new the “champion” is and the rest are more or less successful show dogs.

However, the choice of new champions would be left to the specialists in the field and based on those with less ambition.

They need a lot of time, knowledge and luck to choose a healthy and anatomically correct puppy with the correct tooth.

The fact is that the more rewarding parents are, the higher the demand for these puppies does not mean that they are healthier, anatomically correct.

Searching for puppies and contacting kennels

It is also time to review the ads, use referrals, and contact the kennels who are potential puppy sellers you are looking for.

My experience is only in contacting breeders who breed dogs for hunting and sell to hunters, and I will try to describe what to look for when buying.

The more serious the breeder is, the smaller the puppy’s ability to choose.

They generally distribute everything to well-known customers in a timely manner and most often they should avoid buying from those breeders the “last” puppy left over because it is very likely that they have not been sold so far due to some shortage that may be large but negligible.

Because of this, it is often necessary to start the process of contacting kennels before you even see an ad that a puppy is for sale in order to find and book your puppy on time, whether or not you are buying a hunting dog.

My personal experience of buying Weimeraner puppies

My search for the first puppy lasted almost 6 months until I found the adequate puppy I wanted.

Most of the attempts during this period were that the dog was probably not with the potential for hunting, that I was a little late, that my price was too high …

Of course, my experience at that moment was not at some enviable level, but for most first-time puppies, buying a Weimaraner puppy can be crucial.

Also, after many years with Weimaraners and the start of serious breeding, finding the right puppy has made it much easier for me to find what I want and need in a very short time.

I would like to point out from all this that it is very important to prepare yourself before calling any breeder because buying a puppy does not come down to “how much does a puppy cost” with the answer “The price of a puppy is ___ dollars (eur)”.

By adequately preparing the questions and giving the appropriate information in conversation with the breeder, you come to the opportunity to choose the puppy that will best suit you.

In this sense, it is necessary for the breeder to say little by little from where you plan to keep the dog, to the purpose of the dog, the time you have available to devote to it, what your plans are with it.

Questions for the puppy seller

  • How old is the dog?
  • Who are his parents?
  • What was he trying to accomplish with that litter?
  • Origin of parents?
  • How many puppies were in the litter?
  • How many were male and how many were female?
  • Can you choose a puppy yourself?
  • What are they eating?
  • Are they vaccinated?
  • Do they have adequate documentation?
  • What is the litter in the order of that bitch?
  • How old is the bitch?
  • Does he have neat hips and elbows?
  • Ask for a description of the parents and possibly the contact of the kennel owner, and many more questions that can give you a true picture of the kennel itself.

There is much more I can say, but I do not want this text to be a list of questions, but rather that you can draw a conclusion from it and easily reach a healthy Weimaraner puppy.

If you need help buying a puppy you can contact me

Choosing a puppy

After all the preparatory work, it was time to make a short selection of puppies and finally decide to buy.

You have already inquired enough, you have said what you want, you have received all the questions asked and you need to go see the puppy yourself.

This may be the most important thing when buying a puppy. Of course, do not neglect the previous steps, which are very important for you to even start to puppy and look.

You need to make some predetermined assumptions about the puppy and kennel before you go to see the puppy.

That assumption you make when going to kennels is the key to whether you return home with your puppy or continue your search.

The advice I can give everyone is to try to get help from anyone who understands how to choose dogs, who wants to share it with you and who has the time to go with you to the kennel.

Don’t be hard-pressed to inquire in many places what is important, what to look at…

Don’t ever go the route of picking a puppy if you are timed, because sometimes it may take longer than planned to choose what you want and what you will eventually pay for.

Make sure you have a good look at the conditions in which the puppies are kept, how they behave, what kind of mother you should definitely see.

From the approach to the kennel you try to see the smallest details, do you see the food that the dogs feed on, whether there are any dishes from which the dogs eat, how many dogs the kennel has, in what condition, whether the dogs are cleaned, anything that can indicate to you whether the dog is a kennel.

It’s up to the puppies themselves to look. Whether you want a male or female puppy, look at all the puppies.

It’s best when the puppies are slightly the same and you can’t tell the difference.

This is a good indicator that these are healthy parents and healthy puppies who are well cared for.

Ask the kennels to let them out so that you can view them outside their living space.

Feel free to come and try to see how they move, how cheerful they are, do they all play …

There is no end to things to look at. To me, as a hunter, it is also a must to question whether they are afraid of sudden sounds like gunshots.

Of course, I will not shoot the kennels, but a sudden blow of the palm to the palm or a suddenly very spoken word will be able to show whether or not the puppies respond to it.

If you are not sure, feel free to repeat the action to be sure. Also see how a puppy behaves in a group, whether the puppy is dominant or shy.

Finally, a choice should be made, whether with this or with another breeder. Many rules and theories exist when choosing a puppy, but none can be applied with certainty.

Some say you need to choose the puppy that comes first, someone says the biggest puppy, someone who is the most energetic, …, they are all right, but each of them has different parameters around the choice.

It is important that puppies are cheerful and playful, and then it is necessary to have a good look at their form.

What a puppy should look like

In order to grow into a healthy and proper dog at this age, it must be equally harmonious and properly developed.

The proportion of head and body should also be looked at.

If you want a female she should look like a female, be elegant, female heads, in good proportions.

If you want a man, he should definitely show it with a skeleton as well as a head that has to be bigger and more in line with gender.

Anything to the contrary may result in you having a male with a female head, or you may have a female that looks more like a male. Neither is good.

In this section, it is important to point out that if you are not satisfied with some of the parameters you want and are looking for, think carefully about whether you should continue your search further.

Buying at all costs is certainly not good, because later when a puppy grows up it can lead to the owner’s dissatisfaction and therefore disappointment, which ultimately leads to the dog not living inadequate conditions, to start neglecting or selling…

This is certainly not good for the dog or the owner and should be avoided at the very moment when deciding whether to buy it or not.

If, when watching a puppy, you realize that the puppy is exactly what you are looking for, it is highly desirable to buy it, because, by further searching and choosing, you can only put yourself in doubt.

Somehow, that first impression is the most important and will most likely accompany you throughout the life of the dog.

At the end of this section, I will say that it is also necessary to look at the puppy tooth you are buying.

Due to age, you cannot be absolutely sure that everything will be alright, but the correctness of the teeth at that age of the dog indicates that it will be the same when he or she grows up.

There are also times that this may change during a tooth change, but don’t trust that something will go wrong if it’s not right at that age.

A new family member has arrived

At the end of all these steps that I could still separate into steps, you came into possession of the dog you were looking for.

From the moment a puppy arrives at your home, a much more serious business begins than choosing.

A puppy that is properly and properly selected from breeders has had a good start, but it is up to you to do everything you can to get it off to a good start.

All of the above requires a lot of luck, but also much harder and painstaking work, invested time and effort to have, after just over a year, an adult dog that brings joy to the family in which he resides.

If the owner of the dog is a hunter like me, this period is a bit longer as it takes a lot of effort to get a dog that you will enjoy for many years later, first and foremost in hunting but also outside your daily activities.

Be sure that every second the dog invests repeatedly returns and over time becomes the true pleasure that made you decide to make Weimaraner a part of your home.

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